Catmask said...

i'm here and i do in fact care- -love the site- keep it coming- never stop
don't matter who's looking or not keep going~

and shit i love the high and the mighty~ was that guy drew the lead singer, he used to have HotTuna painted on his leather jacket and went to all the dead shows~
crazy~ never did see his band~ though, knew him in Boston

more old photos !!!

neilwaukee said...

don't feel down, it's just winter~
go listen to some fatalities and laugh and cry and grow a stash~what could be more hardcore~

we all love this site~

JD said...

I was just thinking about Alone in a Crowd guys.

Thanks for looking though!

rodrigo said...

I care man,im from Argentina and im looking for old info and stuff of the almighty punk/hardcore scene of 80's USA.

Keep up the good work!!!!

Tim said...

Cares. Love the pic of The Rat. Keep it up

the mosher said...
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the wizard said...

ALONE IN A CROWD? Hell, I was thinking DEF LEPPARD: "F-F-F-F-Foolin!!"

don't stop, more photos, cheers!

springa's god said...

the late 80's bands look so lame, compared with the fuckin' awesome bands from the early 80's, just look to the photos. anyway, this site is great!!!.