The 400 - Demo

Somewhere between Minor Threat and Dag Nasty (84') Brian Baker , along with Graham from Negative Approach and Ray from Deadline decided to form a "rock" band and make it big in the "industry". What came of that band was this demo. It's not hardcore, it actually sounds more like the Alarm than any project they had done before. I had been digging for this for a while until I came across this recently. It's not bad, but it is pretty funny to hear given the bands they had been in only a year prior.

The 400 - Demo


Raw Deal 88' & 89' Demos

Classic NYHC, thanks to the dude over at daily pill for the link.



The only document of Red-C's recording is on Dischord's Flex Your Head comp LP from 1982.
Here's the Complete recording session that also includes those tracks.

Red-C Demo


Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today with Civ's different vocal track

Same instrumental track, but totally different vocal take. I like it. If you've never heard it you're gonna like it too...

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (Alt Vocals)

Supertouch 1987 demo

From what I understand this was recorded as something for the band to send around to labels to score a record deal and was never released as a demo.
5 songs, one that never saw the light of day. The others you know from the ep and the lp.

A little history from the rev site....
Supertouch started in 1985 out of the ashes of New York hardcore band Death Before Dishonor, which featured a young Mike Judge on drums. They released a demo and some WNYU tapes, but no actual records. Supertouch, named after a Bad Brains song, had a different drummer than DBD, since Mike went on to Youth of Today and later, Judge, but it still had the Yu brothers on strings and of course Mark Ryan on vocals.

Supertouch 87 demo


Void - Unreleased LP

VOID's "Potions for Bad Dreams" Un-released lp.
When I first heard this I thought it was horrible...I still think it's pretty bad.
This copy is rough, but I do have a pretty good copy floating around tape, so hopefully some day soon I'll rip it to MP3, until then here's what I have. If you're a fan it's good for one listen.

Some comments about the Record.
From Wiki....
By 1983, Void were incorporating more metal influences into their sound, drawing a crowd that became increasingly violent and their shows became even more chaotic. In the summer of 1983 they recorded an as yet unreleased album for (then) Detroit based Touch and Go Records. According to Touch and Go, they still periodically attempt to get permission to release the album, but to this day that permission is denied by Dupree.

From Kill from the Heart....
"Beautiful Yet Dangerous"...?! This is bad rock/metal, not unlike the second DYS record. It's mid-tempo and the band tries to cram in too many rockin' guitar riffs that just don't work. Although you can still kind of tell it's Void (and two of the songs, "Breakaway" and "Lose My Cool", sound like they were written earlier), I can't really see why anyone would want to listen to this more than a few times... Well, I guess there's a couple Motorhead ripoffs (or maybe they're covers, I don't know) that might work if you're in the mood for that kind of thing, but then again, why not just listen to Motorhead? -CHRIS

Track list:
1. Bloodlust
2. Next Time 3. Breakaway 4. Red Death 5. The Difference 6. Beautiful Yet Dangerous 7. Win or Lose 8. Spiral Staircase 9. Start the Night 10. Lose My Cool

Void - Potions For Bad Dreams

Pushead mixtape 2/14/82

A mixtape made for Glen E. Friedman by Pushead in 1982. Check the song list on the cover scans, such a great mix of early 80's hardcore. I found this on someone's music archive page, so thank you whoever you are. If anyone has any info on this of how it got out I'd love to know. I've only found a few links that mention it and they site the same source where I found it (which is no longer available), but no real info as to the source.

Pushead mixtape